These measurements are as the garment fits to find your measurements, Measure directly to your body and choose accordingly. All reigner garments run a little looser, Made for dancing when measuring for custom please measure how you want the suit to fit not directly to skin.


Jacket Men (in cm)

1. To Fit Chest83-8787-9292-9797-102102-107107-112112-117
2. Waist83.
3. Hem97.0102.0107.0112.0117.0122.0127.0
4. Back Length71.572.172.77373.974.575.1
5. Shoulder43.644.8464748.449.650.8
6. Sleeve Length63.2563.563.756464.2564.564.75

Pants Men (in cm)

7. Waist70.
8. Seat91.496.4101.4106.4111.4116.4121.4
9. Thigh62.364.165.967.769.571.373.1
10. Ankle49.851.853.855.857.859.861.8

Jacket Women (in cm)

1. Across back shoulder41.642.844.045.246.447.6
2. Chest80.
3. Waist93.098.0103.0108.0113.0118.0
4. CB length66.867.468.068.669.269.8
Across front 12cm down from shoulder sear37.238.439.640.842.043.2
Across back 12cm down from shoulder sear40.041.543.044.546.047.5
5. Sleeve length60.861.462.062.663.263.8
Bicep at underarm30.030.531.031.532.032.5

Pants Women (in cm)

6. Waist at top of band69.
7. Seat (at base of zip)94.099.0104.0106.4111.4116.4121.4
Leg opening circumference52.
Inside leg80.880.880.880.880.880.880.8
Outside leg excluding band108.8109.4110.0105.4106.0106.6107.2
8. Thigh62.464.266.067.769.571.373.1
9. Knee circumference41.

Jacket Size (cm)

A. Chest102108113117123128
B. Shoulder444647484951
C. Lenght606263646768

Trousers Size (cm)

D. Waist66717681869196
E. Outer Seam81818181818181